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Living in times that threaten our daily survival is an occurrence most of us have never seen before. Living in these uncertain times, over a long period, takes a toll on the strongest person. Sometimes we forget to unwind and we might could use a tip or suggestion that could help you return to center quickly.

I share tips and suggestions on how to do that throughout your day. Sharing information that can improve a week, a day, or a minute in someone's life is worth all the effort. Slow breathing and other techniques can really make a difference throughout your day, and that is my focus. I share news that can make you go hmmm! My news might solve a problem or might even put a smile on your face. Mostly, I am here to talk about positive subjects and how to move, whatever we choose, in a positive direction.. 

News to Soothe is a short read that can make it comfortable for the reader to think about only themselves for a moment. I'll sharing interesting subjects, some did you knows?, and topics that make you laugh about me or even about yourself. Hope you enjoy!

Studies show that drinking green tea is good for healthy gums. In a study that lasted 28 days, rinsing with 2% green tea, significantly reduced levels of plaque build-up. That's nice to know. 

Gemstones when unearthed, provide some of the worlds greatest treasures. I tap into this positive energy when grounding with the earth's energy. Mother Earth has many treasures to soothe the mind and body. Try this! Close your eyes and breathe slowly in your nose out your mouth for 30 seconds. Focus only what you feel in your body for 30 seconds. 

30 seconds can change your mood and relax your body, anywhere, anytime! That's cool trick to have in your pocket, whenever you need. That's News to Soothe. Thanks for reading. Don't forget to breathe!

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